Alyxandri Jupiter grew up being exposed to a varied array of eclectic sounds: Drum 'N Bass, Jungle, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Old School, Neo Soul and an Experimental music from an early age that spawned into an exploration of genres beyond her years. Her esoteric lyrics elicit a communal imagery that is propelled by her sultry voice that takes the listener on a journey throughout the galaxy and into the world of the abstract & unknown. Alyxandri Jupiter is a mulit-talented artist based out of Salt Lake City, who recently collaborated with veteran producer BriskOner and coupled with his consistent, quality soundscapes their colorful collaborations harken back to a golden era of music. Together, they created a vivid & vibey album that is strangely familiar and revolves around Future Soul/Trip Hop/Downtempo/House & Electronic progressions. Blending past, present and future... the 'Out of Body Experience' E.P. is a surreal space trip throughout the cosmos that will keep you pressing repeat.